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Maybe, an artist. Instead of an easel - a tripod. Instead of brushes - a camera that transmits feelings and emotions in one shot. And one day opening the album, reviewing pictures in the minds memories begin to emerge, the same emotions that had been on the day of the shooting. And by the will of a smile appears on the face, and maybe even tears, tears of joy.


And you realize that there is something to show our grandchildren proudly saying, "It is Me".  This site is a small part of my work, I want to show you. With each pair, with every man, I have shot, watching their emotions, feelings - I was feeling the same and tried to show these feelings in the photos. That is how I see this world. Enjoy watching!



Rambabu Dhanisetty

Photographer - Film Maker - Educator

Canon EOS Maestro


Rambabu Dhanisetty

Photographer - Film Maker - Educator

Canon Photo Mentor



Wedding photographs give an excellent opportunity to experience the joyful moments of the special day again and again.


The new 4k technology that captures images with four times better clarity and quality than the HD camera is now available in Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Vishakhapatnam and other locations in the country thanks to Vibrant Pix.


A separate kind of photo art , that requires incredible skill of the photographer, it is a portrait photographer.


The big advantage of shooting the future mother is a professional approach to detail. Individual selection of the image correctly exposed light and angle can show all the advantages of your wonderful state.


An advertising photo - is the promotion of your company in the market, winning the presentation of goods and services, a part of the corporate advertising. With advertising photography you can reflect any object in a better perspective, to show it in a unique and attractive way.

Digital Content Creation

Digital Content and Convergence - Media of the future

What is the most populous country in the world? If you guesses China or India you are not wrong but did you know that there are over 2 billion Facebook users making it the largest virtual country in the world.


Recently in my life was an important event - my wedding. Friends advised to go to the professional photographer Rambabu Dhanisetty. At the first meeting, Rambabu has produced very good impression and made a number of interesting proposals. My husband and I are happy that our event was entrusted to a reliable prof. Creative and individual approach to each client! I recommend! Very pleased with his work: the quality of the photos, photo books, flexibility and efficiency. Thank you, Rambabu Dhanisetty, for the effective cooperation!

8-3-831 & 832, Flat no - B201, Kavitha Appartments , Srinagar Colony Hyderabad

Phone : 9866888892