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There are moments, which are frozen in memory and captured for eternity.

At every turn and stage of life there are celebrations that bring Joy and shared happiness whenever they are viewed alone or in company.

The journey with a life partner, the birth of a child, stepping into a new home, children celebrating a milestone in the journey of their parents---

every celebration has its own charm in the span of a lifetime.

Essentially life is but a mosaic of memories enriched by images that make every viewing experience real.

The colors are vibrant, the emotions apparent and images speak, when the ‘Vibrant Pix” team captures them brilliantly through expertise and

experience in still photography, and videography.

Vibrant Pix as its name denotes is a company that lives up to its name. Here every image, every frame and the interplay of colours unravel a new facet of life.

Vibrant PixPictures that are close to life….